Are you Trying to Loose Weight….? or You are tired of failed attempts.

Would you like to loose weight in healthy way in your own diet….?

The Conventional Way of  Loosing Weight Have been Very Hard and of No Use . Which is Ending only in Eat Less, Don’t eat Carbs Do This and Do That Lots of Do and Don’t Do’s, Which Make us to loose hope of loosing weight.

The Word Diet has been differently understood or wrongly understood word in Human History.Diet which mean Healthy Eating, is changed to NO Eating, By Our Doctors , Nutrition, Dietitians and Health Care Professional.


Before Loosing Weight or starting of Diet Lets try to know why we do  we gain weight.

According to NHS

“If you consume high amounts of energy, particularly fat and sugars, but don’t burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, much of the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat.”